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7 Sure-Fire Ways to Cost Justify a Loyalty Program

Implementing a customer loyalty program usually means convincing the CEO and CFO that it will provide a valuable ROI. Learn how to create a bullet-proof business case for loyalty marketing.

Get Old Schooled - 5 timeless marketing rules everyone need to know

While the world has change, human nature remains the same. savvy marketers understand this, which is why they still employ these 5 marketing rules that have been around for decades. use these rules and improve your results!

10 tips to improve your loyalty marketing 5 reasons to kill it

Is your loyalty program "hitting on all cylinders"? if not, check out these ideas to improve performance. if you are considering implementing one, use these handy tips to shape your strategy and ensure you develop the best possible program.

Casino Defection Model - Understanding and Preventing Attrition

Short and sweet, this presentation provides casino marketers with an outline for decreasing patron defection. other industries can use it well to help improve customer retention.

Analytic Case Studies

Check out some of the recent marketing analytic projects we have completed. maybe you¡¯ll see something that applies to your business. if so, let us know!

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